Back in the day (before today), our community creativity was crafted within the confines of land-mines during a time when amerikkka had buffed us off the map(s) of their state (of mind). We seized that sense of street-self-rule to self-express ourselves openly from outside of their genrecide.  We made magic (with markers), created culture (on the corner); built bridges beyond (their) borders and ricanstructed pyramids (from the projects). 

Just as all imperialists invade, infect, kill and con-quer, the colonizer corporations have encircled and locked down our calle cultures. Currently, our creations are colonized, co-opted/controlled by capital(ism) with the corporations making mucho money off the many/masses/massive. But we can/will do-for-self and take care of our own community, but first we need to achieve complete artonomy (with)in our image-i-nation(s) in order to flourish in full flavor.

With a re-invigorated resistance and a radical artonomy will also come a new right/freedom to self-express without hindrance or hi(gh)-jacking. This means no conditions/rules/laws/con-trolls/con-tracts/co-optation coming from with-out placed within our creative communities and inside our insubordinate image-i-nations.

Abrazos Army Alliance (AAA) are street souljahs and revolú-tionaries that avocate for artonomy by (m)any means necessary and believe that we are all the arms we need! 

If you would like to create an Abrazos Army Alliance (AAA) chapter in your 'hood and help us fight the powers that be by (m)any means neccessary, get in touch with us here and we will tell you how to do it and provide you some weapons of mass instruction and percussion.